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A disaster preparedness plan should start with organization

Posted by Chip Morrison

Oct 1, 2013 4:07:00 PM

514366-A-disaster-preparedness-planWriting and consistently reviewing a strong disaster preparedness plan can keep small businesses from losing lengthy periods of time during recovery. Fox Business Center reported that companies that are not already secured by a continuity strategy believe that they have never considered creating one, that they've never been susceptible to disaster in their area and that such a plan is low on their list of priorities. - somewhere a word is missing

Consequently, there are more reasons for creating a disaster preparedness plan than physical damage, according to the news source. According to Firmology, small businesses, especially, should consider attacks from disgruntled ex-employees, cyber attacks from capable hackers and other sources of fraudulent activity that can compromise sensitive data. 

Protecting the business
Whether the disasters are man-made or related to unpreventable weather conditions, it is important for small businesses to consider how they would react to something that can threaten productivity. There are strategies managers can deploy in order to prepare:

  • Communicate with the employees about what should happen in the event of a disaster. Create a carefully laid out plan that directs staff members to different safety locations. Fox Business Central reported that by giving employees a central meeting point, or a few, depending on the severity of the disaster, makes it easier to organize communication. 
  • Know where information will be stored and ensure its future accessibility. Publiccloud services provide small businesses with a means of universal access by hosting data on a secure, off-premises server, which will help manage the continued flow of productivity if the physical location of the firm incurs damage. 
  • Evaluate how the recovery plan will be enacted when the disaster strikes. According to Fox Business Central, company managers should have an idea how the day-to-day activities of the production protocols will continue, and when a plan is decided upon, it should be consistently reviewed by personnel. 

Establishing a disaster preparedness plan can only be beneficial to a business if it is rehearsed, reported the news source. It is important that firms deploy these strategies early on in order to prevent serious lags in continuity.

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